George's notes

Mid-autumn is tomorrow, can’t believe I might need to use the AC tonight. Not because of the heat, but the air quality is just unbearable. I blame the many cars out there trying to have some covid-relaxing fun.


Walking is safe, but I find it quite inefficient and tedious if I walk only to workout. There are faster and also safe ways to work up the heart rate, and you can actually shorten the time spent exercising to avoid getting bored and eventually unmotivated.

Reaching 10,000 steps every day is easy to follow, but it might not actually reach basic physical activity requirement, which is 150 mins/week moderate-intensity PA. Intensities are calculated from heart rate, so if you’re not walking fast enough, you’re not active enough.

My sole motivation to exercise is to be a better version of myself. Smartwatches and apps can help but are not essential. With enough studying, planning and a humble wrist watch, you can achieve almost everything those apps do.

總沒辦法習慣許多Mindfulness apps的語音引導和環境音,一開始當然有教學作用,但後來反而覺得挺干擾的。結果這類app全刪光了,只留了法鼓山的《禪修入門》,裡面有個很簡單的計時器,只在結束時發一磬聲。


My iPhone is always plugged in throughout the night. But too many times my phone suddenly got hot while I was out and found it auto-updating apps and draining batteries like crazy.



「沒有什麼能保證電腦可以幫助大眾提升線性的複雜邏輯思考。舉例而言,某些經濟和政治利益的既得者會更希望大量半文盲人群去享受視覺性電腦遊戲的魔力,希望她們在懵懂的狀態下使用電腦,同時也被電腦使用。如此,電腦就會一直保持其神秘性,並一直被官僚精英控制。 」

👉 https://blog.yitianshijie.net/2021/09/11/neil-postman-said-it-40-years-ago/


iCloud Drive not syncing immediately? Should’ve tried turning it off and on again…

Used to always have at least one “real” camera with me when going out. For that I needed a bag to have memory cards and extra batteries handy. As the cameras in iPhones had gotten better, I stopped using cameras and finally ditched the bag. And then I stopped taking photos.

Has Siri Shortcuts gotten ever more unreliable now? One Shortcut I run every day just asked me to upgrade Safari in order to open an URL scheme.

I don’t start reading a new book before a proper review of the old one. This makes my already slow reading speed even slower, but if I don’t do this, I won’t even remember what I’ve read at all, and the past efforts will be in vain.

Living without AC + outdoor mask mandate in summertime Taiwan, I’ve got acne all over my face. Coronavirus prevention has some side effects for sure.




While the weather continues heading to the extreme, there will be more days where the environment becomes utterly unbearable for a person, and s/he’ll have to consume more energy to make it sufferable. Today’s one of those days for me.

Lesson learned: Always buy fans with parts detachable for cleaning, especially those portable mini desktop ones. Can’t believe how much time and many swabs I wasted to dust mine.