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Have we created the language to describe the trauma we’re experiencing in the new age of the internet? Or are we still too shocked and lost in the old tower of translations?



My energy saving project has been going on for 2 months, and just came the first electric bill since started. Compared to the same period last year, 16% cut on total energy consumption, which resulted in 35% cut on electric bill. This feels good.





My AC for a while now. Bottle of ice works better in front of the fan because fans don’t actually suck air in from behind. This really works if put it really close and aim directly at you. Doesn’t last very long, so only use it during the hottest of a day.

A bottle of ice in front of a small electric fan

It’s not that people don’t read anymore. We actually read a lot more than before the Internet. Most of the content we read today, however, are fragmented and unedited and require a reader to do the job of a curator/editor. Most of us have not accquire these abilities and develop anxieties toward fake news or misinformation.

Just found out I can make myself dream at night by making my feet cold. Aiming the electic fan directly at my feet, a dreamful night is guaranteed.

Bonus: I can move my feet more freely in those dreams.



With search engines and too much data to digest, do we assume every question must have an answer even if we haven’t found it yet. Have we gotten less tolerant for ambiguity and more aggressive toward people with the opposite opinions? Do we welcome wars?


想趁清晨涼爽出門走走,起床東摸西摸,回過神來就太熱了。 #隱喻人生


1Writer doesn’t support URL scheme for its external file provider. Obsidian on iOS doesn’t yet support Share Sheet or Shortcuts. Siri Shortcuts doesn’t append to file outside /Shortcuts folder.

What option do I have to take quick notes from Home Screen to Obsidian?




Cities are built considering its own past weather conditions. A regular afternoon thundershower in Taipei would bring enough rain to flood New York’s subway system. As we see more record-breaking rainfall, it is time to consider rebuilding our cities.

Tried Docker. Gave up. Wanna try Docker. Tried Docker. Gave up. Wanna try Docker…

Many problems are structural and historical. Look at them from an intellectual point of view, most of our daily lives can become problematic. That might mean our society still have room to improve, but I doubt your new solutions will be the ultimate good.